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Scout & Catalogue

February 18, 2011

I’m such a sucker for a good satchel, and while browsing Etsy the other day I stumbled across this gorgeous number by Scout & Catalogue.

The ethos behind the label itself is lovely – the designers aim to “make pieces that remind you of afternoons at secret beaches, sun kissed skin, and all day siestas.” That sentence, in itself, made me swoon long before I even spied this beauty.

Scout & Catalogue satchel - Etsy store

The satchel is made with distressed leather, has a subtle tye-dyed lining and can be easily converted into a clutch.

Each of Scout & Catalogue’s products are crafted by hand, once an order has been placed. They all adhere to the designs advertised on the store, but they also boast tiny inconsistencies that make them unique and truly yours.

I love the idea of paying for something before it’s even been made; I feel like it brings you closer to both the designer and the design process. It’s somehow infinitely more satisfying than picking something off a rail of twenty other clones (although don’t get me wrong though – I love the high street as much the next blogger!)

Scout & Catalogue Satchel - Etsy store

The store on Etsy is delectable – handmade clutches rest atop chunky slabs of drift wood in the hot sun, and are surrounded with precious stones, sea shells and blunt scissors, which really drives home the impression that the products are made in a wildly beautiful beach environment.

Scout & Catalogue Etsy Store

Whoever knew an online store could be so beatifully earthy?

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